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Mrs. Day's 3A Homepage

January 7, 2019
A very Happy New Year to you all.  We have a wonderful stretch of time between now and our next break to make some good strides in our learning.  Last week we spent some time reflecting on what we've accomplished and how far we need to go this year.  Each student did some goal setting from that reflection.  When you get those papers home this week, please find a place where their goals can remain a visible reminder of the promise they have made themselves. 
Many new things are sprouting this time of year.  We will begin our direct instruction of cursive.  The slingerland program we use goes through each letter of the alphabet, so our first time through will take us several weeks.  After that we will go through each letter again focusing on word formation.  We will be getting back into book reports.  The next one coming up will be assigned next week, but you can already be on the lookout for a Realistic Fiction novel.  Our multiplication math unit begins this week.  This is a big topic and will take us several weeks to work through, so break out your flashcards and join us! 
Our Cultural and Family Appreciation Parade will be happening at the end of this month.  Please plan on creating a "float" with your child at home over the next few weeks.  Official directions will be in blue folders this week.
 Big Topics of Study
Religion –     Ch. 2 Jesus teaches us about God's love
Science –   on hold until February
Social Studies - The Parade: promoting the parade
Math –  Unit 4: Multiplication - models of multiplication, properties of zero & one, review of facts for 2 & 3
Reading - Author Study - fantasy and theme; workshop routines &  guided reading groups
Writing -  brainstorming opinions
Spelling - list 13: words with the vowel sounds "aw" and "oo"