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Tuition and Affordability

2020-2021 Tuition Rates and Fees

Non-Refundable Registration Fee K -8 per Child: $ 250.00  


In-Parish Tuition Rates for K-8th Grade                                                            

        1 child                          $  7,202.00                                     
        2 children                    $12,931.00
        3 children                    $17,168.00
        4 or more children     $20,078.00


Out of Parish Tuition Rate/child      $ 10,549.00



Non-Refundable Registration Fee Pre-K per Child: $110.00

Tuition Rates for Pre-K

1 child                         $3,834.00


Before & After School Supervision is offered for an additional fee



The actual cost of educating a student at St. Anthony School is significantly greater than the tuition amount established for Catholic families who meet the eligibility requirements for in-parish tuition. These lower rates are made possible by the generous financial support from the parishes of St. Anthony, St. Stephen the Martyr, and St. John the Baptist, and the ongoing fund-raising and development efforts of the school.

Therefore, in order to be and remain eligible for the in-parish tuition rate, each family must meet the following criteria:

  1. The family must be registered in a parish that has entered into a subsidy agreement with the school. An In-Parish Tuition Rate application has been filled out and accepted by the registered parish.
  2. The family must be participating in the sacramental life of the Church by attending Sunday Mass on a regular basis.
  3. The family must have made a pledge of commitment, appropriate to the financial resources available to them, to their parish’s annual stewardship program.
  4. The family’s financial contribution to the parish must be consistent with their pledged commitment and received regularly by the parish through the use of contribution envelopes provided to registered parishioners.
  5. Families new to St. Anthony School will be considered eligible for the in-parish rate when they have:
    1. met the above criteria
    2. been registered in a subsidizing parish for the minimum length of time required by their parish
    3. provided the school and parish office with a written statement from their previous pastor about their active engagement in worship and regular financial support at their previous parish.
  6. The family will actively participate in the development and fundraising efforts of the school as indicated in "Stewardship Commitment Form".
  7. The family will actively participate and document volunteer service to the school or parish (per the guidelines in the Stewardship Commitment Form) as part of the St. Anthony School's overall commitment to stewardship and Christian service.

These criteria are monitored with assistance from parish administrative staff two times each year, once in October, and again in February/March during registration. Families who fail to meet the above criteria will be charged the out-of-parish rate until they have re-established their eligibility for the in-parish rate.



It is the policy of St. Anthony School that access to Catholic education is not to be denied to children of parishioners based on the family’s ability to pay. In those situations where the family is unable to meet full tuition requirements, the principal has the authority to negotiate a reasonable agreement with the family. The principal shall require that the family provide pertinent financial information before establishing the level of tuition assistance. The school office will keep all financial assistance information and materials confidential.

Financial Assistance Form K-8 – The first priority for tuition assistance is for families who are active members (for at least one year) in one of the three parishes that provide financial support to the school: St. Anthony Parish, St. Stephen the Martyr Parish, or St. John the Baptist Parish. For these families, their active involvement in the parish, as well as the school, sharing their time and talent, is a very important obligation. Families who want to be considered for Tuition Assistance must complete the St. Anthony School Financial Assistance Form and attach the family current Income Tax Statement. 21% of St. Anthony families receive tuition support. Please note: if you are planning to apply for tuition assistance at St. Anthony School, you must also apply for the Fulcrum Grant.
Contact Jill Eaton as for more information