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Commitment to Stewardship

Commitment to Stewardship 2017-2018

Tuition revenues cover only around 70% of the actual cost of educating a child at St. Anthony School.  The other approximately 30% is covered by support from our surrounding parishes and our on-going development and fund-raising efforts. In order for us to continue to keep our tuition costs as low as possible, it is essential that every family participate in supporting the principles of Catholic stewardship in their relationship to the school and parish as well as in their daily lives. We highly encourage each family to read, and take to heart, the Stewardship document contained in the first section of the St. Anthony School Family Handbook.

It is clearly laid out in our criteria for in-parish tuition eligibility that each family is expected to make a stewardship commitment to their parish with contributions of time, talent, and treasure. We also expect that each family will participate financially in the school’s three major fund-raising and development activities:

  • STAAR Auction (Required $20 per student class project  & $200 cash or procured items).
  • Making a Difference Annual Fund (Amount commensurate with the family financial resources).
  • Fitness-a-thon (Each student must receive a minimum of $85 in pledges).

St. Anthony School expects every family to participate in our community by serving Volunteer Hours.  The school is currently in the process of restructuring our volunteer requirements.  By the end of the 2016-17 academic year the program will have been reviewed by the School Commission and approved by the Principal and the Pastor of St. Anthony Parish.

We have found throughout the years that families meeting these Stewardship expectations have a richer and more satisfying relationship with the school and with other members of the school and parish community.  We have also found that these experiences strengthen the family’s spiritual growth and sense of Catholic discipleship.