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Mrs. Bolstand's Music Page

March Music Curriculum Updates!  
All students are studying music for Lent.  Weekly masses will be including Latin chants and singing a cappella.
Pre-K is learning circle games that reinforce singing, moving and playing together.
First grade students are playing A Tisket, A Tasket, a chasing circle game, singing with head voice, storytelling with themes, and stretching our imaginations with acting exercises.
Second grade students are studying creative storytelling, improvisation and acting, singing in groups, and circle games that teach singing, rhythm, and play.
Third grade has begun Recorder Karate.  Students will be learning note reading, breathing, and instrument playing by passing specific songs to earn a karate belt (thin colored ribbon) that they attach to their recorder bags. Testing happens at every music lesson.
Fourth grade continues to make progress in acting and improvisation.  In addition, storytelling about specific themes helps with public speaking, imagination, and creative thinking.  During Lent we will continue to learn ukulele and make progress beyond the three chords we have learned C C7 and F.
Fifth grade will be continuing the ukulele during this month.  Students will begin to learn songs they can perform as solos or in small groups.
Sixth grade students will begin the month doing mindfulness in music as a Lenten activity.  Listening to instrumental music and being able to discuss the elements will be the focus.  Towards the end of the month we will begin to study Music Therapy as a career and see examples of how music therapy is utilized in the real world.
Seventh and Eighth grade music will have a similar structure this month.  We begin the month focusing on the art of debate in which students will speak openly about a topic for which they have experience in discussing.  Topics include Lunch/Recess/Breaks, Uniform Policies, Homework Expectations, School Dances, among others.  This unit will emphasize speaking as a performance and focus on knowledge of topic, protocol, decorum, and civility. We will continue the month practicing mindfulness in music by listening and discussing various musical selections and using music terms and vocabulary to explain creative choices.  We will conclude the month returning to our music history unit: Country Music, with an emphasis on modern country musicians and trends.