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2nd Grade

This year in second grade we are looking forward to helping each of our students develop to their fullest potential. Our most important tradition is the opportunity to connect deeper with our faith through Faith Formation which includes Reconciliation and First Holy Communion. While this program is done through the different parishes in our Catholic community, we are excited to be a part of our students' spiritual journey and witness the transformation through this experience. We are also excited to be able to create a learning environment where students are able to interact more deeply with their classmates through collaboration and small group work. Students will be able to enjoy a good story read-aloud from the cozy carpet area. While this seems mundane, the opportunity to get together in this manner provides the students the experience of learning in a connected way. We work with our parents to ensure that our students are provided with the support they need to grow in their faith and in their academics. 
This year in second grade, we will be preparing our hearts and minds to receive two important Sacraments: The Sacrament of Reconciliation (First Confession) and the Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist (First Communion). We ready our hearts by practicing the Act of Contrition, as well as the Morning Offering and the Glory Be. We are a community of believers who prays together, steadily strengthening our faith through daily prayer, attending Mass, praying the Rosary and being the kind of person who radiates the light of Christ. We are practicing becoming saints! We let our Holy Catholic faith cross the curriculum.
Students in this grade benefit from having excellent classroom support from our Instructional Aide as well as a Reading Specialist and School Counselor for extra support in and out of the classroom. We love small groups and hands-on science activities. We are goal oriented! We are striving for fluency in reading and math facts. We celebrate birthdays and positive behavior through fun activities that show, “When one person excels, we all benefit!” We are living out this year's theme at St. Anthony School: "We Are Many Parts, We Are All One Body." Welcome to second grade at St. Anthony School!
2nd Grade Teacher / Instructional Aide
Mrs. Rowena Romulo, Teacher
Mrs. Emily Ebalo,
Instructional Aide  
Mrs. Romulo Emily