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Parent Input Form for Kindergartners

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We are pleased that you are applying to St. Anthony School for your kindergartener.  We want to assure the very best placement for your child, and to do so, we have planned some activities to help us get to know these potential 2020-2021 kindergarteners better. 

Two things are required from you as a part of our Readiness Screening process:

  • Completion of the enclosed Readiness Screening Form;
  • Participation in our Saturday, March 14, Readiness Screening Day.

The purpose of the March 14 session is to see your incoming kindergartener in action with peers as well to identify any skills for which additional practice over the summer might assist your child’s readiness.  This session will also help us in placing incoming kindergarteners in our two classrooms. 

The process for the March session is as follows:

  • Parents call the school office (Jill Eaton @ 425-255-0059) to schedule a one-hour session for their child (Sessions will start at 9 AM, 10:30 AM and 12 Noon.) by February 11, 2020.
  • At the scheduled hour, parents bring their children to the KA classroom, entering the building from the playground side.
  • Parents leave their children with the kindergarten teachers, who welcome them and invite them to come to different centers where they will do some enjoyable activities while demonstrating skills needed for kindergarten success.  
  • Parents can leave the grounds for coffee or a walk, or come to the 2nd floor Faculty Room where some coffee and literature will be available.  Mr. Michael Cantu and Mrs. Wendi Heffron will be in the building and are looking forward to saying hello and responding to questions as well.
  • After 60 minutes (at 10:00; 11:30 and 1:00), parents return to pick up their child.  

This March 14 session is a part of the registration process.  If a family is unable to attend, parents would need to contact the school in advance of this day to request some kind of alternative group screening.

If teachers have questions about the readiness of a student, they will contact the parents for more back-ground.  Kindergarten placement at St. Anthony School is according to the priority order listed in your registration materials.  Any variance from this policy – such as if there is question of readiness – occurs only after dialogue with the parents, pre-school teacher, daycare provider, and with the best placement for the student as primary consideration.

If you have any questions about this process, please contact the school office.

Is your student currently enrolled in the St. Anthony Pre-K program?*
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If your student attended Pre-School, was it a positive experience>
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If your child attended Pre-School, what was it like?
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4. Here is a list of activities that most incoming kindergartners can do. Please sit down with your child, have them show you what they can do from the list below, and mark the results! Please note: Children mature at different rates; some things that your child can’t do now, he/she may be able to do by fall! Your honest response is most helpful! Having all the skills listed below is not a prerequisite for kindergarten readiness! *
Answer Required
Can put on his/her coat and fasten it without help
Can successfully use pencils and crayons
Can sing the ABC song correctly
Can name the letters of his/her name
Can recognize his/her name written with a capital letter at the beginning and lower case letters in the rest
Can count to 20
Can cut successfully using sissors
Can take care of his/her bathroom needs unassisted
With regards to numbers and letters*
Answer Required
A few
Can name the letters of the alphabet?
Can recognize the numbers 0-10?
Do you expect a "separation problem" the first few days?*
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Has your child attended Kindergarten before?*
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Can your child sit and pay attention to a teacher for 10 minutes?*
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Does your child enjoy being read to regularly?*
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Does your child attend church services and/or a religious education program regularly?*
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Is the church services/religious
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Has your child been diagnosed with a learning disability?*
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Has your child ever had an IEP (Individual Education Plan) *
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